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Paloma. 27. Black Xican@. Queer. CA
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    small details may have been my favorite today

    small details may have been my favorite today

    My sex, dark as an orchid, rubbery and blue-purple as pulpo, an octopus, does not look nice and tidy, but otherworldly. I do not have little rosette nipples. My nipples are big and brown like the coins of my childhood.

    —Sandra Cisneros, Guadalupe the Sex Goddess

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    M.I.A. for Modzik Magazine

    Angel baby.

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    reading a foreign language: yeah
    writing in a foreign language: ok
    listening to a foreign language: wait
    speaking in a foreign language: fuck

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    You win asked by Anonymous

    I usually do, haha!

    You’re a sweetie:3

    Nothing disrespectful about that. They are blessed with an amazing presence they passed down. You're amazing. asked by Anonymous

    You’re right, you’re right and they do appreciate me and I am blessed for that

    But my uncle that changed my diapers doesnt need to see half my ass after he blessed the meal, ya know.

    Right outfit, wrong venue


    Constant Surprises - Little Dragon

    "In my life things are built on constant surprises coming way. Some call it coincidence, but I like to call it fate."

    "The higher forces want connect. Last night in my dream I was talking to you. You know who you are…were you dreaming too?

    Your body is never a problem❤ asked by Anonymous

    I spent a large part of the day with my church goin fam and it would’ve been disrespectful.

    But yes, I agree. Thank you <3

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